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Foreign Exchange Blues

Many People have the foreign exchange Blues right now!  Is this You? We can all see how the pound has suffered on the foreign exchange markets.  Businesses importing goods for processing and/or resale into the United Kingdom are suffering very badly from the loss of value of the pound against the US$ and the Euro. …Read More

Are you feeling generous?

As a company Director you could be saving tax on your generosity. Read this article to find out more  

The war on property investors goes on.

For those that were not aware the Finance Act 2016 received Royal Assent last month. One of the more interesting items that got through the Finance Bill without little fanfare was the changes to UK property development/land transactions. In effect the Finance Act confirms the tax treatment of UK land/property is subject to income tax…Read More

What can Business Learn from GB’s Olympic Success?

Many people think that Lottery money was the reason for our success – new facilities, the ability to train harder without fears of how to pay the bills.  This was only a small part of the answer. I heard a radio item over the weekend where one of the guests pointed out how British athletes were now…Read More

VAT Partial Exemption Challenges

An interesting read regarding VAT Partial Exemption Challenges

Has your bank fallen out of love with you?

If you have been asked to close your bank account and do not know why, you may have been the victim of a state-sponsored injustice. Under the guise of the anti-money-laundering regulations, banks have been getting away with all sorts of incompetence, resulting in innocent people being declared potential criminals behind their back and without…Read More

Phew, another torrid week in the markets is over!

How was it for you? Scary or just more noise in the sea of life? I have been investing in my own share portfolio and sipp for over a decade now and one thing I do is to keep all the shares I have bought and sold in one spreadsheet with market prices updated either…Read More

HMRC Phishing season opens

As ten million people prepare to complete their tax returns online in January, British citizens are being bombarded with scams. To read the full article click here . If you need help with your tax return contact us on 01438 811771

Is your accountant real?

These days it appears that anyone can be an accountant.  Have you asked the right questions before signing up or was the marketing material compelling? As a business owner, you need to be sure that your accountant knows what he is talking about. There are franchises who claim to enable anyone to be an accountant…Read More

Freedom from Paperwork?

Do you find that administration and paperwork (bookkeeping etc) are seriously affecting, for the worse, your ability to develop and grow your business? In answering this question we should look to Adam Smith, the famous economist and philosopher. He made a point that we have often forgotten. In his famous book the Wealth of Nations,…Read More

Get lost recession – enough now

They called it the ‘Great recession’ and it was one of the hardest and longest recessions to ever hit Britain – six years in fact. The Government claim that Britain will have the fastest growing economy in the world this year. But this is not necessarily good news for those businesses which have survived the…Read More

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