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Developing a strong business strategy and management plan is critical to the success of any growing business. We work with entrepreneurs to help build robust strategic plans that include detailed strategy around all aspects of their organization:  finance, sales and marketing, operations, supply chain, procurement and training.  As part of our management consulting process, we look to assess current processes, analyse data for trends and identify the areas of greatest opportunity.

We help managements and entrepreneurs to identify opportunities for growth plan for them and to finance them. We identify your business weakness in early stage to help you build stronger and profitable business. We’ll work with you every step of the way to help turn your vision into reality.


  • Finance Director and Finance Manager
  • Performance Improvement
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Team Development
  • Corporate Events

Finance Manager and Finance Director

Our teams also extend to provide onsite or virtual Finance Manager and Director to businesses that do not want ongoing cost commitment of hiring a full-time Finance Manager or Finance Director. From half a day per month to fully finance functions or simply on a project by project basis. Our Finance Manager and Finance Director services are fully tailored to your business requirement.

Business Performance Improvement

When it comes to doing business, it is not always straight forward which decision you can take. There’s little doubt you’ll face ongoing threats, whether from new technologies, competition, or industry changes. As an owner-manager, you need to think about the future today, so you can build a sustainable model for your business.

Part of our services, we are partnering with you to review your business model and organisation. We help identify strategic initiatives that will support your objectives. We do this through facilitated sessions focused on helping you develop the right strategy for your business – and by helping you execute, monitor and make ongoing adjustments to your strategy. Our management consultancy services include following according to your business needs.

  • Financial management
  • Strategy development
  • Business plans
  • Operations management
  • Technology solutions selection and implementation
  • Leadership and control management
  • Business growth management
  • Tax Planning

Coaching and Mentoring

Starting new business is very stressful and if you do not have correct advice and right resources your business will fall apart with in first year of setup. Having source of independent and impartial advice from an experienced business advisor is very important.

Partnering with you, we are here to listen to your obstacles and provide correct advice to grow your business faster. Our coaching and mentoring services include,

  • Business start-up advice
  • Idea development
  • Business plan
  • start-up loan and investment
  • Business formation

Team Development

We can provide specialist training to your existing accounts or finance team member to bring their knowledge and accuracy to up to date with a high standard. We make them effective members of your business who can add to its development.

Recruiting new member of staff is stressful and time consuming. To reduce your stress and save time, we can assist you to recruit right talented candidate for your accounts or finance department.

Exit Planning & Succession Management

To realise the best price from your business you need to have a clear view of what the business should look like at the time you want to sell.

This means long standing profitability; organisational and management issues have to clearly identified and solved. Many business owners press on until something in their life suddenly changes and they are suddenly faced with the prospect of having to sell the company quickly. It may be ill-health for the owner or their spouse or partner. It may be some game-changing development in the market or simply that the business has grown beyond the owner’s management and financial resources.

Without setting the stall for a sale in a considered and timely manner, it is almost certain that the best price will not be achieved and that the sale process will be long and protracted or eventual. Business brokers only sell 10-12% of the businesses they list because of failure to plan and organise.

Scaling a Business Through Acquisitions

You have the opportunity to strategically improve your business by acquiring a new business. This may take out a competitor or expand your range of products or services or to open up new geographical areas. Either way it has the potential to dramatically improve the profitability and value in your business. At present there are many businesses for sale by the baby-boomer generation. There us a once in a lifetime opportunity to do a good deal.

However, the scope to get it wrong is huge. So often, one sees business owners driven by the idea but tripped up on the detail. Sometimes these issues can bring the existing business down. We are here to help you to scale your business through acquisitions.

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