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  • A growing software Company obtained substantial R&D Tax Credits to help fund the business.
  • A fast growing limited company required growing amounts of working capital we were able to help the owners obtain substantial tax credit receipts to fund their living expenses when cash was tight.
  • A self-employed client who had been in business for many years faced a large tax bill as his business slowed as he approached retirement. We helped him obtain a substantial tax saving by changing his accounting period.
  • Another limited company client saved a very large bill for corporation tax by choosing a more appropriate accounting period for their trade.


  • A local vehicle repair centre was concerned with its performance and a continual need for cash. We spent time looking at their billing and accounting systems and identified significant differences between the how they thought they were doing and the actual profitability. We found 2 key areas that once addressed would put the business back into profit without the need for job losses or a business sale.
  • A multi-office professional firm was unhappy with their credit control performance eg customer debt with long days outstanding. Though the brief was credit control improvement, we took the client through every stage in the process of supplying their services, starting with the time of meeting a client through to actually sending out an invoice and getting paid. We were able to both reduce the time in work in progress and provide some approaches and solutions that would fund the work along the way and result in happier clients.
  • An insurance broker (25 staff) wanted to outsource its accounting function on the retirement of its accountant. By looking at existing resources and designing and implementing a management accounting package, we were able with some training for them to help the client use existing junior but highly capable staff to avoid the costs of outsourcing and enjoy a more responsive and informative financial department.


  • Electronic Security business. Turnover £2m, 16 staff. We produce monthly management accounts with project profitability and divisional performance in a project and service based business. We advice the managing director on business tax issues as and when necessary.
  • Print company. Turnover £600k, 8 staff. We prepared quarterly accounts and attended board meetings to review business performance .
  • Craft Products manufacturer and distributor. Turnover £1m. We provide advice on profitability, business strategy, personnel issues and tax management on a quarterly basis.
  • IT Support Business. Turnover £500k. We provided monthly management accounts and cash flow forecasts. We assisted in the sale of the business by preparing the financial data for a business plan that resulted in the company being sold to a major multi-national corporation for a good price and excellent employment contracts for the principals.

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