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Protect your wealth at this moment of Great Risk


If you own an established business with a significant cash balance built up over the years, it is now at risk of failure from Covid-induced stress in your trade or industry.  Do any of the following seem relevant:

  • Has the way your customers deal with you become impossible in the near future? 
  • Are you in the travel or hospitality or events industries where the likelihood of people coming back soon is remote?  
  • Are you in a business where your staff will not be able to work closely together again? 
  • Are you in a retail business where social distancing will be very difficult to achieve?

Many of us do not know if our businesses will survive.  The world is changing and many organisations are changing shape in front of us.  Business owners will do their best to recover what they have striven to build over the years but the uncertainty is huge.  We only have one lifetime to secure the future of ourselves and our family.

Now is the time to separate the wealth you have built from the risk.  It can be done without a huge tax bill?  You move your wealth into another legal entity that cannot be attacked by creditors and HMRC.  There is a perfectly legal and well-known structure that you can use. We can help you achieve this now.  See more here Cntrl Click Here  and view the pdf file you will download. Get in touch to find out how you can protect your wealth now in the face of so much uncertainty.

You do need a different organisation for the business and the advice to help you move the goal posts for yourself.  Essentially You need a holding company and a financial advisor who can guide you on this journey to move your wealth out of commercial risk.  Unlike most practice accountants, Robert Harris has been both a finance director in industry, managing severe downturns, organisational change and IT upgrade projects as well as establishing and running a tax business for the last few year. 

If you can see more about the benefits for you of using a holding company to secure your existing wealth and to build on the achievement to date, look at this link Cntrl Click Here for more information.

So if you can see the future holding some promise for you and your family with this apporach, please get in touch as soon as possible, either at or on 07712 203393.

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