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How to take advantage of this moment of Great Change


Post Covid, many business owners will want to give up the struggle they have battled with over the years.  They need help to exit their businesses to a better life for them.  They have wealth in the business they need assistance to extract to fund their new lives. We are in a country that seems to have lost the will to engage in wealth building.  For today’s younger and middle-aged professionals, experiences seem more important than future wealth. This is not surprising when you are submerged beneath student loan debt and a huge mortgage that will probably never be paid off. 

So, are you are still in the game of business? Are you up for some change? NOW is a moment of great OPPORTUNITY.  Imagine doubling or trebling the size of your business. Avoid the 10-15 year struggle to take on a few new clients each year to more than compensate for those who leave. 

Can you picture yourself as the owner of such a business?  Can you envisage the team of people you need to make it an INVESTMENT and not a JOB?  Can you imagine the management process and style you would need to make a multi-unit business effective?   It’s not that difficult.  Its mostly a mindset issue.   The likes of Richard Branson or Martin Sorrell did not build huge multinational organisations by magic.  They started with tiny outfits.

NOW is the moment you can acquire a business or a number of businesses at low valuations and probably using the resources within the target business. 

Are you new to business on your own account? Is it a daunting prospect? It should be, most will fail. Would you like to short-circuit the pain and stress of building something over years?   Someone I know once said why run the race from start to finish when you can join in at the last lap.

We can carry out a targeted acquisition search and then assist with the negotiations with the vendor.  If you are intrigued or just curious please get in touch to find out more.

You do need the organisation and advice to help you move the goal posts for yourself.  Essentially You need:

  • A holding company
  • A financial advisor who can guide you on this journey. 

Unlike most practice accountants, Robert Harris has been both a finance director in industry. He has experience of managing severe downturns, organisational change and IT upgrade projects. In recent years he has established a tax business serving small companies.  He works as a virtual finance director as well.

The benefits for you of using a holding company to secure your existing wealth and to build on the achievement to date at this link Cntrl Click Here to open in a new tab.

So if you can see the future holding some promise for your business and  yourself, please get in touch as soon as possible, either at or on 07712 203393.

Great reasons and promises we make to you which is why you should call us before deciding on your accountant.

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