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The Difference between Management and Tax Accountants Explained

If you have wondered if you have the right accountant for your business, please read on.

A tax accountant can help with calculating your tax bills and filing your tax returns.  That’s about it.

There are so many people supplying businesses in this field that finding a good one is fraught with danger.  If you find a reliable firm, the chances are you will deal with an employee, not a business owner.  The scope for serious tax avoidance is all but lost these days.   Many people who took advantage of such planning now face life-changing tax demands.

A management accountant works with business owners to help them make more profit, achieve better cash flow, build their teams skills and help ensure the right systems are in place, all within the context of achieving the business owners longer term objectives.

Which is the most valuable?  To me the answer is obvious.

You will find a few accountants who are good in both fields.  Then you really have a great advisor.

Here are some links to some notes on Management Accountants as advisors to business:

Why Management Accountants are so important to businesses.

A guide to Management Accounts for Business Owners

Qualities to look for in a business advisor        

How to find the perfect business advisor 

Just copy and paste the url’s above into your browser and review the short notes therein.

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