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Property Newsletter June 2024

Bank of England interest rate: potential impact on mortgages On 9 May 2024, the Bank of England announced that the interest base rate will be held at 5.25%. The governor has said that he is  “optimistic that things are moving in the right direction” but needs to “see more evidence” of falling inflation before cutting…Read More

Tax E-News June 2024

Welcome to the June edition of Tax E-News. We hope that you find this informative. Please contact us if you wish to discuss any matters in more detail. Jump to Diary Dates June 2024 REPORT EMPLOYEE BENEFITS ON FORM P11D BY 6 JULY P11d forms for reporting expenses and benefits in kind provided to employees…Read More

Crypto Assets – UK Tax Position

Crypto tax is a very hot topic today with the huge changes in the value of Bitcoin, Ethereum et al. Here are some thoughts on the matter you may find helpful. If you have a stake in the world of electronic currencies and want to know more, please get in touch. HMRC’s viewpoint When might…Read More

Interested in property as an investment?

Introducing Our Unique Investment Opportunities Through our TAG Community collaboration, we are pleased to introduce TAG’s investment specialists. This is a nationwide developer with its own professionally managed property bond.  After years of working with quality developers and forging strong working relationships, they can now utilise their expertise, experience and contacts to provide a dependable…Read More

The 7 Crucial mistakes business owners make when looking for finance.

And How to Overcome them! The covid-19 crisis has damaged the trade of many businesses.  Quite a few of whom are potentially good enterprises.  They need to raise finance to see themselves through the dark days of the virus being played out.    Many have deferred due payments for VAT, income tax, company tax, PAYE etc…Read More

How to take advantage of this moment of Great Change

SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY FOR LIFE CHANGING GROWTH & MANAGE RISK Post Covid, many business owners will want to give up the struggle they have battled with over the years.  They need help to exit their businesses to a better life for them.  They have wealth in the business they need assistance to extract to fund…Read More

Protect your wealth at this moment of Great Risk

MANAGING RISK If you own an established business with a significant cash balance built up over the years, it is now at risk of failure from Covid-induced stress in your trade or industry.  Do any of the following seem relevant: Has the way your customers deal with you become impossible in the near future?  Are…Read More

Do You Know How to Survive Tough Times?

What Do You Need to Manage the virus induced downturn? Thousands of businesses will close this year.  In these days of covid-19, many remaining businesses are in grave danger of failing.   They may be sound businesses that could well survive in the world we now find ourselves of furloughing, lockdowns and borrowing.  However, the big…Read More

The 7 Mistakes Made in Choosing an Accountant & How to Avoid Them

Seeing your accountant as just another service provider.If you saw them as trusted advisors or a business partner, you would be able to access their tremendous business knowledge for your benefit. If you just want to pay as little as possible for a specific set of services that is exactly what you will get. Too…Read More

IR35 – HMRC Wins (this time)

Presenter loses IR35 appeal 28 November 2019 A BBC presenter has failed to convince the Upper Tribunal that her work was outside the IR35 rules. Why does this ruling have a significant impact and what key aspect of the decision do contractor clients need to know about? BBC. The BBC has been making plenty of…Read More

Who are the Winners in the Cloud Accounting World?

Here is an article from the Sunday Times that shows who’s winning in cloud accounting market place for software. The clear winner is Intuit with Quickbooks Online. The numbers are quite illuminating. September 1 2019, 12:01am, the Sunday Times Sage’s offline software business evaporates into cloud Author: Ben Wood As he waxed nostalgic about his turnaround…Read More

What is the value of your business? Is it important to you?

Many business owners start a business to provide income for themselves and their families.  As the years roll on, they may or not be as successful as they imagined at the game of business.  If they do well, the income can be good but the tax cost can be horrendous. The real gold in a…Read More

What is the Right Price?

In the world of marketing, everyone (including us accountants) and clients seems to be obsessed with PRICE.  What price will get that client onboard? Having seen a number of clients over the years fixated on a low price as proof of their superior deal making skills,  I have to conclude much of this is just…Read More

Business Renewal or Exit!

I am often talking to clients about the need to either renew their business or plan for succession.  This year I am practising what I preach.  I have chosen to renew my business to invest and improve it for the next few years.   The past year was affected by staffing issues.  In a full economy…Read More

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