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Is your accountant real?

These days it appears that anyone can be an accountant.  Have you asked the right questions before signing up or was the marketing material compelling?

As a business owner, you need to be sure that your accountant knows what he is talking about.

There are franchises who claim to enable anyone to be an accountant and tax advisor (ex-bank manager, ex-insurance agent etc).  These people often have no qualifications, they have not studied for years or have relevant business experience to do the job.  They depend upon a telephone helpline to get your advice and a remote bookkeeping centre to prepare your accounts and tax returns.  I know of 2 such franchises that use remote sub-contracted bookkeeping.  There is one in Norwich and another in north of England.

I am a fully qualified chartered management accountant with a license to practice from CIMA , my institute (one of the big 3 in UK).  I worked for years as a finance director in industry before started my accounting and tax practice up 12 years ago.

You will find my website, valuable resources that are available to you free of charge. These include a new business start up guide, a guide to making more profit, business help sheets and calculators plus many more.  We offer fixed fees, easy payment, free telephone support, free meeting here a the BTC and we guarantee our work.  All new businesses signing up receive a free copy of a famous business development book for small companies.

Be sure to ask your accountant about a) their qualification and b) their relevant business experience.  Be sure they are up to the job.

Robert Harris

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