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Has your bank fallen out of love with you?

If you have been asked to close your bank account and do not know why, you may have been the victim of a state-sponsored injustice. Under the guise of the anti-money-laundering regulations, banks have been getting away with all sorts of incompetence, resulting in innocent people being declared potential criminals behind their back and without any redress.

An interesting article in the Telegraph at the week end by James Connington shows how to fight back. To get to the bottom of the problem you make multiple subject access requests to all the financial institutions with whom you have dealt and a couple you may not heard of. These are Cifas and National Hunter. Both of these run databases of frauds.  You are requesting copies of the information they hold on you.  Once you have this information , you should be able to find the source of the problem and seek redress (and compensation).

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