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Foreign Exchange Blues

Many People have the foreign exchange Blues right now!  Is this You?

We can all see how the pound has suffered on the foreign exchange markets.  Businesses importing goods for processing and/or resale into the United Kingdom are suffering very badly from the loss of value of the pound against the US$ and the Euro.  Many are seeing their trading margins diminished or wiped out.

We have a foreign exchange partner who can often get much better FX rates than those supplied by the high street banks.  They can also provide forward contracts on a fixed or open basis for people who want to gain some certainty of price.

Do not wait to see if things will improve.  The FX markets are likely to be difficult for a couple of years.  Please be proactive to secure your profitability.  You can get better currency rates.   If you would like to explore any alternative supplier and improve your profits, please get in touch 01438 811771.



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