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Employee Retention

Is employee retention a problem?  Have you lost valuable staff to a competitor?  Would you be interested in a service that promoted employee loyalty and saved money for both you and the employees who join the plan?

You may have heard of salary sacrifice where, by taking a reduction in salary, employees can enjoy benefits that are effectively subsidised by HMRC.  In essence, gross pay is used to procure items such as computers, phones, cars, bicycles, holidays etc at competitive prices.  The cost to the employee is reduced by the tax and NIC saved on the salary forgone.  The employer also saves employers NIC in many cases.  The schemes have to meet rules laid down by HMRC.

Historically these schemes have only been available to large companies with substantial purchasing power.  There is now a scheme available to small companies with 10 or more employees.  By using the pooled purchasing power of numbers of small businesses, this service is now available to you and your employees.

Please get in touch if you are interested.  Please pass this on to any business you know of that may be interested.

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